Alessandra Fidelis’ Group

Lab of Vegetation Ecology - LEVeg


Welcome to our research group’s homepage!

   We are a group of curious vegetation scientists interested in different things, especially in understanding how fire affects tropical savannas and grasslands in Brazil. Moreover, we are interested in techniques for the control of invasive species in Cerrado areas and also in understanding the regeneration dynamics of Cerrado vegetation after fire.

    Our group focuses in more open physiognomies, such as grasslands and open savanna areas. Although Brazil is known by its beautiful forests, the herbaceous layer of the vegetation can be quite interesting. Also, these grasslands and tropical savannas are threatened by the rapid changes in land use, thus efforts to study their dynamics, structure and responses to disturbance will help preserve them.





Our group is composed by curious vegetation scientists, who are trying to understand how fire affects tropical savannas and grasslands. We are also interested in using fire as a management tool for both invasive species control and the maintenance of vegetation dynamics and diversity.